A website for an architect has images of desirable homes. A fashion retailer displays clothes on sexy models. A restaurant has beautifully styled and photographed dishes. The message is simple – look at what we can do, you can have this too.

So, if you are a digital marketing agency specialising in intangible things like search engine optimisation, Google advertising and social media marketing, how do you depict what you do? And how do you show it in a way that is engaging and fun for people who know very little about it?

This was the problem we had to solve for Bliss Search.

Bliss is a very successful digital marketing agency. If you’ve ever used the internet in Australia, chances are you’ve been unknowingly influenced by their ability to get their client’s websites to the top of page one on your Google search. They’ve played a crucial role in the success of many Australian brands across many categories.

Bliss Director Joel Thorsen gave Create & Co the challenge of building a website that somehow captured in a visual way, the agency’s skill and experience in digital marketing. But more than that, he gave us the one thing that all design agencies dream of – full creative freedom. The brief was a blank piece of paper.

First, we got a better understanding of what Bliss did, how they did it and a feeling for agency’s culture. Next we researched what all the agencies in this category were doing. Remarkably, it seemed that almost every digital agency looked and sounded the same. They all spoke with the same blustery language full of industry jargon; they all used computer icons to represent their services. We had the feeling that most of these websites were more focused on impressing other agencies than actually explaining their services to people outside of their industry.

There was an opportunity for Bliss Search to break the mould.

Our concept for the new Bliss website was based on the ancient wisdom that true mastery is expressed in simplicity. They could explain and show things with simplicity and fun, because they had complete mastery over it.

The Create & Co website design used familiar digital landscapes to show off what Bliss could do. The Home page was inspired by an archetypal web search result page. The page for case studies drew inspiration from popular social media platforms where people went to show off their accomplishments. The Bliss blog became an online newspaper. And the page introducing the Bliss Team… you’ll get it when you visit the site.

Ultimately, every page of the website simply reinforces the idea that, when it comes to the digital world, Bliss Search is all over it.

It’s another way of saying, look at what we can do, you can have this too.

Click here to view the Bliss Search website